Knowing When The Time Is Right For The Big Move..

imageThere comes a time in our career lives, when one knows it’s time to make the ‘Big Move’. For most of us, this big move, means planning on our lives after being employed for so many years. It means; to finally take the milestone decision to step down from our top senior position, and embark on the journey of ‘Life after my stable income job’. Whether it is opening up your own business, or to simply just enjoy your retirement life.

Of course, a life-changing decision as big as this one does not pop out suddenly. Many factors contribute to actually reaching this decision. We have all thought about it many times over and over, during our career lives, wondering and imagining how it will be once you actually make this decision. You start dreaming of how your life would be like, thinking about what you have achieved, what you will do, and how long it will take you to reach your ultimate goal. Imagination can be your friend or enemy, whereas, if you are a realist, you will be able to size down this imagination, and be able to focus on what you want exactly and how you can reach it.

You start planning and taking steps towards your big move, months or even years ahead. We all know, that reaching our ultimate goal will take a while, so you begin to find ways to make this transition from your comfort zone, to the unknown and unpredictable, as stable and as secure as possible.

Before you reach this decision, you need to have an honest self-debate with yourself. Make sure that your decision and plans are in sync with your mind, heart and emotions. Your move will be tiring if any part of you disagrees, because it will be striving to adapt, and the advancement process will be a real challenge.

The best thing is to work through your concerns to achieve a clear vision about your next steps.

Take a moment to think about the following scenarios:
-You feel that you have reached a point in your career where you have stopped learning and growing. You feel the lack of opportunities to grow and add to your set skills, yet are still feeling an insistent call from within you to keep growing.

-You constantly feel the lack of enthusiasm and excitement. You feel disengaged daily. You are bored, unchallenged and stagnating.

-You feel that your key talents are no longer being used, nor are you able to do what you do best to make the quality of contribution, that you know you are capable of.

-Given recent reorganizations, you feel unaligned with the company’s direction. There is a mismatch between their vision and yours.

-You feel extremely stressed out from the work pressure that is out of balance. Work is important, but so is your health.

If you see yourself in one or more of these scenarios, and have already planned out and took the steps to reach your ultimate goal after employed life, then you’re ready to make the ‘Big Move’.

But before taking the leap, you need to think long and be very careful while thinking through this important step, and make sure your decision is rational, makes practical sense, and your heart is telling you ‘Yes!’
What I learnt from experience, is that when it comes to decisions in your life, never make half-hearted impulsive moves. If your energy and intentions are not in agreement, halt! Because you will simply be working against yourself, if your head and heart are not in tune and on the same frequency.

At the end, make the right decisions for the right reasons and the right things will happen. Line up your energy and intentions; your thoughts and feelings. Take your time to analyze the invisible, yet powerful barriers that will hold you back; the Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories. Wait for the moment when your head and heart say, “Yes!” Then, make a solid plan and go for it.